Photo of the month: March

Snow, ice and the air crispness that comes with freezing temperatures can add a new dimension to your photography.

Even the most mundane of scenes can be transformed into a place of beauty and wonder with snow.

After a nice snow, I find myself getting out to photograph vistas that I wouldn’t even think twice about without the white stuff.

There’s just something about snow that makes everything pretty and exciting. I luv snow! :-)

2014 World Press Photo of the Year

© Copyright Mads Nissen
The World Press Photo is one of the first events of the year regarding the most important photographic prizes worldwide.

The photojournalist Mads Nissen was proclaimed the winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 2014 (the contest goes to reward the images taken in the previous year).

His photo was shot in St.Petersburg, Russia, and shows an intimate moment between Jon and Alex, a homosexual couple. The photo is part of the project "Homophobia in Russia" where life for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people is becoming increasingly difficult. Sexual minorities face legal and social discrimination, harassment, and even violent hate-crime attacks from conservative religious and nationalistic groups.

About photography

Photography is therapeutic.

It helps to think, to evolve, to stimulate ourselves.
It helps to take your time, slowly.

If we use our eyes thinking about the next shot we experience the world in a different way, we become an integral part of it, we perceive it with other senses.

Photography involves sensory implications, cultural and makes us essential and complex at the same time towards reality.

Photo of the month: February

Many people think street photography as simple snapshots of random people in the street.
But street photography is not as random as it might appear at first sight.
A street photographer is first and foremost a great observer.

Attention should be paid to several details simultaneously that could somehow influence the final result: light, shape, colors and shades of objects and people in front of the lens.
That said, your imagination and awareness doing the rest...of course!

Train your vision

When I'm wandering around I really like to relax by taking some photos of the natural environment seeking more items to enclose in the same frame and trying to get cute results from an aesthetic point of view.

In this sense, a walk to the sea-side offers several ideas, the important thing is to have a bit of ...observing curiosity!

Photo of the month: January

Start this 2015 posting a photo of a recent photographic trip with friends.  

I think it fully represents the beginning of a new adventure in this brand new 2015.

Happy New Year to all my followers! :-)

About this blog

My photographic diary on the road of life.

A place for me to showcase new works, for some news and some thoughts - but not too many.
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"If there isn't a day without me doing something related to photography, its as if I never actually woke up..."
Richard Avedon

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