Premonitory clouds...

A few days ago, at sunset, some spectacular mammatus clouds formed in the sky, gloomy and dark at times, but extraordinarily fascinating and suggestive.

The "mammatus" clouds are typical of the more intense storms and take place when the air is very humid in the lower layers and a storm will form in the afternoon in the inland areas and at high altitudes, without too much wind.

Too bad that they were clouds announcing the floods that would have occurred a few days later near here where I live....

Photo of the month: October

Malta National Aquarium - Qawra, Malta
The underwater world has fascinated people for ages and we still have much to discover.

A good opportunity to experience this magical mystery world is visiting an aquarium.

It’s great to immerse in this fantastic world and enjoy some fascinating encounters of the close-up kind, meeting some of the incredible animals that call these environments home.

Walking across a floor of glass and watching the predators swim right beneath your feet or upon your head is amazing! You are never too old or too young for this! :-)

Art or vandalism?

It happens very often to see huge murals around the cities all around Italy.

Art or degradation. Adornment or mess. A mural can be one or the other, depending on where, how and why it is drawn.

Which is the line between art and vandalism?
What do you think about this?
Do you know places where art is expressed on the walls with the approval of the government or where there are fine works, but which are true acts of vandalism?

Sunset approaches

What does it take to photograph the sunset?

Well, first you have to be in the right place and with a camera in hand at the time when the sun sets.

In this case you have already in mind that you want to create an artistic image; of course it can also happen to be in front of a beautiful sunset and decide to take a picture of the event, but you will agree with me that these are two very different things.
The result could also be very similar, but for the photographer are completely different experiences. Two opposite approaches.

Which is the one that most suits you?


Each of us has his own September 11.
The day when something happens that makes that date unforgettable for ever.
September 11 belongs to the history of us all,
then there are the dates that belong only to a few people.

(Fabio Volo)

Photo of the month: September

It's some time that I do not write. It happens. There are times when the ideas are few or maybe you just do not have the ability to share what you live.

One of the strangest summers that I can remember is slowly saying goodbye, giving us the appointment for the next year.

Now I have no excuses and I must return to my routine. 

Goodbye summer!

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